From Restaurant Industry To PR

From Restaurant Industry To PR

Two Worlds Collide: From Restaurant Industry To PR

Growing up, I was a shy, awkward gal that was terrified of talking with strangers or branching outside of my comfort zone. I didn’t know how to interact or talk with people that I didn’t already know things about. I never truly broke out of this bubble until I started working my very first job as a hostess at a restaurant. Surprisingly enough, I also didn’t see the beauty in connecting and communicating with new people until I started working there.

Fast forward a couple years, and here I am, wanting to communicate with others as a full time career. Through my various jobs in the restaurant industry, I’ve learned many valuable things that have helped me excel in the world of PR. Check them out below.

  1. Teamwork. Teamwork. Teamwork.

When the restaurant is booming with business, it’s important to learn how to collaborate with your coworkers to ensure the happiness of your guests. Similarly, every PR agency requires collaboration. It is nearly impossible to get every single task done on your own, so leaning on your colleagues to get the job done well is essential to delivering results for your clients.

  1. Communication is key.

Each type of guest needs a different communication approach and has different needs when it comes to dining at your restaurant. They may need help deciding what to eat, may come in knowing exactly what they want, or others may be in a hurry and need quick but good service. Knowing how and what to communicate to your guests within a restaurant translates directly to knowing how to communicate with various clients of a PR agency. Get to know them and how to effectively cater to their needs.

  1. Crisis? I got it covered.

In a chaotic environment such as a busy restaurant on a weekend night, mess ups are bound to happen. Although I work hard to minimize my mistakes, sometimes they are out of my hands. Therefore being proficient in managing crises isn’t an option. If someone’s food is incorrect, there are steps you must take quickly so the guest stays happy and the restaurant continues to run smoothly. Similarly, should a client ever be unhappy with the PR management and media relations provided to them, it is your job to quickly and efficiently fix the problem and ensure their happiness!

So, if you’re not sure what your next steps in the “real-world” will be, its always a good idea to take whatever job you’re in and see how it relates to what you’re trying to accomplish in the future. You may also find out things about yourself you never knew before.

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