3 Tips For Great Targeted Ads

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This blog post assumes that you’re not completely new to running Ad Campaigns on Facebook. This is not a step-by-step guide, but rather some tips and tricks for fellow online advertisers!

The first question you should be asking yourself when creating a Targeted Ad, is what is my objective? Once you select on of the ad goals provided by Facebook, your ad delivery will be optimized to help you achieve this result. – So it’s important to know the answer to this question before you begin. Below, are three tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of whatever ad type you choose!

1. Image: Text Free + Eye Catching

Give some thought to what the overall goal of your ad is. And how you might inspire interest in it with JUST a photo. The average attention span is less than 10 seconds, so your image needs to stand out, draw the eye away from all the other newsfeed clutter, and inspire your audience to pause long enough to read your ad copy.

2. Text: Keep It Simple

As mentioned above, you have less than TEN SECONDS to capture the attention of an over-stimulated audience. If you’ve done a good job with your image selection, you’ve gotten them to pause long enough to scan a very quick blurb of text. Keep it short and sweet.

Want them to take advantage of your date night special? Well, come right out and say it!

BAD POST: Are you looking for the perfect date night? Well we’ve got it. Join us for an affordable evening out, when you purchase 2 tickets to any show and dine at one of our partner restaurants.

GOOD POST: We’ve got that perfect date night special you’ve been looking for!

3. Audience: Not Too Big. Not Too Small. Just Right.

First things first, consider your budget. If you’re spending $5 per day on this ad, you probably don’t want to have an audience that’s several hundreds of thousands of people. But if your budget is $50 per day, then go for a larger audience, because you’ve got the dollars to reach them! If you’re creating an audience from scratch for this ad, keep your location relevant. Is this for a special that only local people will be able to enjoy? Then, make sure you’re not running your ad throughout the whole country. Or is the ad to drive traffic to an online store that ships nationally? Well then, broaden that location! Lastly, when selecting your audience interests or behaviors, keep it limited to 5-10. Facebook makes some good suggestions once you begin typing in interests or keywords, but don’t get caught up in selecting every single one. You risk diluting your audience if too many categories are selected.

That’s a wrap! Test out one or two of these tips next time you launch a Targeted Ad Campaign on Facebook. And let us know if you saw a positive impact on your overall ad performance.

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