Communication is Key

Communication is Key

Communication is a part of all of our lives. We may not think about it all that much because it is human nature, but it’s definitely there. In fact, some people study communication their entire careers to fully understand the importance of it. So, what even is the exact meaning behind “communication,” and why is it so important? 

It comes in more than one form and nowadays it is EVERYWHERE, surfacing through verbal and nonverbal cues. Regardless of how it happens, communication has never been so prevalent in the booming technological world. 

Think of all the different communication platforms you use for work, school, and personal lives beyond face-to-face interaction. It’s pretty interesting when you list them all out.

After you brainstorm a bit on all of the different communication channels we use on a day-to-day basis, we can get into the nitty gritty of what this is all about. Sure, quiet time to create or even just complete the mundane, yet crucial, tasks  is also extremely important in the workplace, but even in silence you communicate through your body language. It is easy to lose connection with your body language because of how natural it feels express your emotions by hand gestures or facial expressions when reacting to situations. In the end, the magic really happens when you learn to verbalize and chat to work well with your coworkers all while syncing it up with your nonverbal cues (along with friends and family- let’s be honest) 

Communication takes time to understand and the best way to learn is through trial and error. Here are some of our top tips to maximize your communication for success:

  • Organize your schedule and goals by communicating with yourself first! This could be something as simple as a calendar or planner which is like a self-check-in if you think about it. Seeing how you feel during your work week looking at a physical layout or progression notes written here and there can make all the difference. 
  • Show your coworkers you are open to communication! Slack is a great example of a team-playing platform. Hop on that bandwagon with enthusiasm to show coworkers you’re open to communicating. Also, a simple intro email or letting them know you are there to answer any questions, deal with concerns, or to lend a hand can go a long, long way! After all, the little gestures matter. 
  • Be available at a healthy level, but on your terms. We all need downtime away from work but being aware of the importance of having your phone on you or checking your email regularly (within reason) shows you care! 
  • Be open-minded. It’s unlikely you will always agree with everyone around you. Feedback is the ultimate tool for advancement and relationship growth. Being able to give or receive feedback (whether positive or negative) involves listening with an open mind. 

Put your own twist on your routines to constantly improve your communication! It is the backbone of so many more aspects and challenges in life than people recognize, so take a step back and observe! You may find yourself creating your own personal tricks to improve work, family and friend relationships ☺ 

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