Do I Need a Logo Refresh? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Do I Need a Logo Refresh? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

You have owned your business for over 30 years – it’s your baby. But just like a child, it has changed over time. Employees have come and gone, the economy has changed, and the consumer has changed as well. So why shouldn’t your logo change, too?

I know, I know…change is scary. You like the way things are. There is comfort in what you already know and are used to, but there’s a chance your logo could be doing so much more for your business than it is right now.

So let’s ask ourselves these five important questions, and at the end of this, you will know if you need a logo refresh!


1. What is the purpose of my logo?

Simply, your logo is the face of your business. It should make a positive impression while being representative of your brand. You want current and future consumers to like your logo, and therefore like your product/business. Your logo should be a representation of what you are trying to sell and who you are as a company, but is that happening right now, or is there a disconnect?


2. Do I like my logo?

Sometimes this is the simplest question and also the most overlooked. If you don’t like your logo, that’s a problem because chances are you have to see your logo hundreds of times a day. So yes, it is important to choose something that appeals to your ideal consumer, but it also needs to be something YOU like!


3. Does my logo have “recognition value”?

Think about one logo you can picture off the top of your head. (I always think of the Apple logo.) It is distinct and you can remember it. That’s what you want a logo to be: something people can automatically recognize. That way, when a consumer sees your logo, they can go “oh, here is a brand I trust and I want to buy from them because it is something I already know and trust.”


4. Has my logo evolved over time, or has it stayed the same?

If you have had your business for 30 years, chances are you’ve made some changes along the way. Some of those changes are for personal reasons but also are because the consumer changes over time. What a consumer is attracted to and most likely to buy changes, so doesn’t it make sense that your logo changes, as well? Consumers want to buy from brands they feel are up-to-date and modern. By updating your logo, you are saying you are evolving with the changing world and not just stuck in the mud.


5. Is my logo adaptable across all social media and online platforms?

In this day and age, a business doesn’t just have a website. They also have a Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc. – and you need a logo you can use on all those platforms. You want one that can be a simple icon derived from your larger main logo that is used for other advertising and branding purposes. Gone is the day where you have one logo. Now you have the chance to create a full branding package with various sizes and color options for all needs.


So now what? Well if read through all these questions and have decided its time for a refresh, let’s do it! The time is now.

If you are looking for help, reach out to us at Muse Group. We can get you a logo that represents you and your business that you will absolutely love and will move your business forward.


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