Feed Your Muse with Jaclyn Coleman

Feed Your Muse with Jaclyn Coleman

Welcome to our first edition of Feed Your Muse! In an industry that’s always moving and changing, it can get pretty daunting to stay centered and find inspiration that’ll last longer than the latest social media trend. We are always looking to learn new things and gather inspiration, and if we’ve found anything in that pursuit, it’s that inspiration can come from anyone and anywhere. That’s why we’ve started this column. Each month, we’ll have a Q&A with someone who has been our Muse to get to know more about them and their journey.

It felt extremely fitting to have the fearless founder of Muse Group, Jaclyn Coleman, as our first Feed Your Muse. She constantly pushes each one of us to succeed, improve, learn new things, and put our best selves into the world, both professionally and personally. (If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, you know exactly what we’re talking about.) But how does this amazing #BossBabe inspire us, and what can we all learn from her? Well, you’ll just have to read to find out.

How did you land in the career you have now?

Well, it was pretty simple. I always wanted to go into print and be a journalist, then, my dad told me “hunny, print is dying,” so I pivoted. My professor at the time said I knew how to work a room, and I should go into PR. The only thing I knew about PR back then was that’s what Samantha Jones from Sex and the City did, and while I love her and that show, PR is sadly not like that. BUT you still get to write and help people, so it’s a win-win for me.

What’s a piece of advice that you have been given that you find to always be the most influential?

If not now, then, when? I pretty much ask this question to myself on the daily. “If I don’t start this business now, then when? If I don’t rent this office now, then when? If I don’t hire my first employee now, then when? And so on, and so forth… Sometimes you just have to do it. Go for it, make the jump, because, at the end of the day, there really is never a “perfect time.”

What aspect of being a successful business owner has surprised you the most?

I think when you go into starting a business you’re like YES. I get to work for myself and I’m just going to sit in my corner, grab lunch with friends, wear workout clothes and do PR all day. ☺ Not the case. Can’t even remember the last time “I did PR all day.” Most of the day is accounting, HR, sales, payroll, etc. etc. Even with all of that, once you’ve been your own boss you can never go back, and now I can’t imagine going to work for someone else.

What has been your Muse while building a career and a life that you love?

Awe, I love this question. My muse is books. I hope that’s not too generalized, but anytime I’m struggling with something I don’t know how to deal with, know the answer to, or am feeling stagnant, the first place I turn is to a book for the answer. I mean, if everything has been done before, then why not learn from someone else’s mistakes and wisdom?

If you could work for anybody in the world, who would it be and why?

Don Draper in the show Mad Men. I know he’s a fictional character, but the dude is brilliant. I feel like he could teach me so much, whether it be pitching, closing THE deal, or even how to drink a bottle of whiskey. His confidence is contagious… and he’s not bad on the eyes either. 😉

We want to hear from YOU! If there is someone out in the world (no matter what industry or where they’re located) that you want to know more about, we’d love to know! Get in touch with us and drop a couple of names, and you just might see them on Feed Your Muse.

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