How to Recreate and Market your new Instagram Page.

How to Recreate and Market Your New Instagram Page

There are a few frustrations as significant as losing access to one of your social media accounts that you’ve worked hard at creating. If you’re locked out of your brand’s Instagram page, you know what we’re talking about. Whether you’re starting anew or embarking on an intentional rebranding, launching a new Instagram page might seem daunting. With that in mind, the Muses are here to offer some guidance to make this transition as smooth as possible! Here are all of our tips on how to recreate and market your new Instagram page.

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Page Recovery Strategies

Before creating a completely new page, there are a few tricks you can try to recover your current profile.

1. Check All Points of Contact

This tip is a bit obvious, but it’s a necessary step. The easiest way to recover an account is to check every email or phone number that could be associated with that account. While it may be a tedious process, it is the easiest way to regain access to your account. Once all options are exhausted, you can explore other paths for recovery.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

By implementing robust security measures such as two-factor authentication, you prevent any unauthorized access. This puts the control back in your hands, allowing you to not only maintain control of your account’s security but also to gain access.

3. Contact Instagram Support

If you find yourself at a dead end, the next step would be to contact Instagram Support. By providing detailed information about your account, and emphasizing its importance to you, they may be able to aid you in recovering your page.

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Starting Fresh: How to Create a New Page

If you find yourself having to create a new profile, there’s no need to panic! This just means that your new page is a fresh chapter, and we have the tools to make sure it’s a successful one.

1. Communicate With Followers

During every step of the process, make sure to keep your followers in the loop. Utilize other social platforms or email communications to update them on the situation and point them in the direction of your new page.

2. Redefine Your Brand

Take this new start as an opportunity to redefine your brand’s identity. Assess what worked on your old page, and incorporate those elements into a refreshed brand image. For example, this could include keeping an old content layout or deciding to post more reels. 

3. Unveil Your New Profile

Familiarize your new followers with your new page! Post an introductory reel or post explaining the changes, express gratitude for continued support, and generate excitement about the upcoming content you plan to post.

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Marketing Your New Page

Now that you have stepped into a fresh and new marketing opportunity, equip yourself with the right tools to market your brand successfully!

1. Cohesiveness Across Platforms

To make a more seamless transition for your followers, make sure you keep a cohesiveness from your previous Instagram page. Consistency in visuals, messaging, and branding across all platforms is key when you want your brand to be recognized.  

2. Repost High Engagement Content

To gain more traction on your page, try reposting popular posts from your old page to rekindle engagement. Maybe there was a photo or graphic that was shared more times than usual. This would be a perfect addition to your new grid! This strategy not only provides familiar content for existing followers but serves as a great selling point for new ones.

3. Follow and Engage

Engaging with your audience as much as possible, not only on your page but also on your follower’s pages, is a great way to reconnect. Following accounts that were active on your old profile, liking their posts, and responding to comments and direct messages promptly are all great ways to familiarize your followers with your new profile. 

4. Collaborate with Vendors

If there are any brands or vendors you often work with, maintaining those relationships on Instagram is key. Utilize DMs (direct messages) to inform them about your brand’s changes. Draft a professional message that you can send to those whom you often work with, explaining the recent updates. Continued collaboration with pages associated with you may attract followers from their platforms as well. Maybe they will even give your new page a shoutout!

5. Optimize Your Presence With Hashtags And Geotags

By using hashtags and geotags on your posts, you are actively attracting a broader audience. It can be as easy as sharing the city you are based in on each post. By doing so, you increase the chance for location-specific engagement and audiences with common interests.

6. Boost Your Content

Instagram has built-in targeting options to help your brand reach a relevant audience! When you post content, choose the option to “boost your post” on your business profile. Here you can make sure your post is seen by demographics with specific interests, behaviors, and locations. This is the best way to ensure your content is seen by users who are most likely to engage with your brand, ultimately resulting in increased conversions.

Get Started with Muse Group

From tackling setbacks to creating a stronger relationship with your audience, Muse Group knows these tips are essential when giving your brand a revamp. Embrace change, stay connected, and implement these strategies to elevate your Instagram page to the next level! And, if you need help getting there, the Muses are here for you. Get in touch to learn how we can help!