Social Media: Friend or Foe

Social Media: Friend or Foe

Social Media tends to get a bad rap these days. From Fake News to Instagram Bots, many people wonder, is adding your business to these platforms even worth it?

Let’s break it down to demystify Facebook and Instagram. They are both a fantastic way to connect with your fans and receive insight into how your business is being perceived by the public. It’s important to remember that social media should be FUN! Build relationships with your followers and you will make a lasting impression that will bring your business more success.


Here’s the top five reasons to share your brand on social media:

  1. People will remember your business if they feel personally connected. It is important to remember that sales are NOT the main factor in creating a successful social campaign, but true rapport with your clients is key. Find out what they like, and how you can both benefit from the relationship. Creating a space for users to share knowledge and promote your brand, is a great way to utilize social media.
  2. You’ll have a platform to share exciting and important updates in a timely manner. When your brand is on social media you can keep your clients up to date with any new additions to your business. You can share your excitement and stay on the top of people’s minds much easier.
  3. You can find out what is not working with your business by looking at analytics. By checking these metrics often, you can see how people react to your changes. You can build a stronger social campaign and implement new strategies by reviewing these numbers regularly.
  4. Stay up on the latest trends that are relatable to your business by following and engaging with similar businesses and markets to yours. You can find people who are willing to help you expand your following through creative collaborations.
  5. Create a channel to have direct communication with your customers while having FUN!
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