Starting Out in PR? 3 Tips for New Writers

When you’re getting started in PR, you spend most of your days bouncing between a variety of clients. Especially at an agency, you have to work quickly and flexibly, which is often different from the typical writing process. So how can you focus on meeting the needs of your clients without creative burnout?

Below are a few tips on how you can tailor your writing to fit different clients and industries:

1. Ease into the subject

When switching from client to client, it is important to keep your head clear. Writing for a local charity will require a very different thought process than writing for a large company, so don’t be afraid to take a few moments to refocus on the client you’re writing for.  If you are distracted by outside tension, it can easily come through in your writing. So take a deep breath, release the stress of your other responsibilities, and focus up!

2. Do Your Research

The best pieces are the ones that are well prepared, so it’s important to customize your research to each individual client. For some pitches, you can find inspiration through social media posts or interviews that spark your creativity. For others, you’ll need in-depth searches into current events to make informative and factual advisories. You may find an article, LinkedIn profile, or even a Youtube video that can give you some great leads and provide direction for your writing. Good research will make your writing more interesting and lend to the Logos of your material.

3. Find Feedback

It can be difficult to get out of your head, especially when it comes to creative tasks like writing. That’s why having a second pair of eyes to review your piece is so important. Always make sure to run your writing by a trusted co-worker who can give much-needed feedback. Whether it’s the addition of a few commas or a full subject change, input from someone you trust can completely renew your material and give you lessons to take with you going forward. You don’t have to go it alone, and sometimes feedback from the people around you is exactly the polish you need to get published!


Just remember, take it slow. Perfect writing takes practice, but these steps can help you write pieces that will put your clients on the map!