Capturing Memories Through The Lens

Capturing Memories Through The Lens

“Okay, smile! I’m going to take a picture!” That’s definitely one of my famous lines. I am a firm believer that photos create the best memories. Looking back on my past, I am glad that I took the initiative to make it happen. I am always capturing the moment no matter what I am doing or whomever I am with. It gives me joy scrolling deep in my camera roll looking back at certain activities I did with the many amazing people that are in my life. Whether I was doing something big or small, I have always believed in the importance of taking photos to remember the moment, because otherwise without them, those memories could be easily forgotten. 

With that being said, I was lucky enough to be part of a photo shoot that my team here at Muse Group did with one of our clients, Sorenson Resort. How amazing is it that I got to do something I was passionate about I was at work? When it comes to photography with specific clients or agencies, it’s very important to keep the brand fresh and consistent. With new seasons, we as a team at Muse Group dedicated a day to shoot photos at Sorenson’s to represent their property in the winter and snow conditions. We took photos with a few little girls playing in the snow with their moms to show that the resort is kid-friendly, and shots featured Gabe the dog gave us some photos to use to show they are dog-friendly, too. This was an amazing experience, and I loved it because of how passionate I am with taking photos. 

With the rise of cell phones, more and more photos are being taken on these little devices rather than a traditional camera. Believe it or not, the quality of the photo taking by an iPhone is incredible because of the crazy new offerings like portrait mode, panorama, and the many different editing software available. Here are some tips for you on how to create a great photo, whether you’re using an iPhone or a Canon! 

  • Make sure to have the right lighting. Bad lighting could have the potential to ruin a photo. Try to avoid using your flash, if possible! 
  • Focus on the rule of thirds. Pictures always look better when they are centered right but don’t look too staged.
  • Use the burst mode and capture multiple different shots. Sometimes the candid pictures turn out best!
  • Download some different editing apps such as Lightroom or VSCO. Editing is all about personal preference. We make sure all of our photos for each of our clients have the same look to them, and similar editing can definitely help! 
  • Filter it! A picture can be more appealing with a filter to brighten it up or make certain colors and details pop. 


With that being said, take photos to make the memories last a lifetime, but don’t let the photo- taking consume you. Take some photos, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment. Take time to appreciate who you’re with and what you’re doing, capture the moments you’ll want to remember forever and create a photo that you will be able to cherish. 

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