Cultivating A Cohesive & Consistent Feed: 3 Tips for Your Instagram Page

Why is it important to cultivate cohesive, consistent content? Because it works! Social media as a whole allows users, brands, and businesses to share updates with their followers. But, because Instagram users view your feed as a whole, cohesiveness is what attracts and maintains a dedicated following. By generating an aesthetically pleasing and effective social media grid, you are showcasing your brand in a way that will best capture your followers’ attention.

Similar to how magazines use a “style guide” to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout their issues, successful social media accounts should also have a comprehensive look and feel. By creating cohesive social media content, you are prompting your followers to stay engaged with what you’ve posted and what you’ve yet to post. Knowing that they already relate to and appreciate your content, followers can anticipate that your future posts will provide the same value.

Here are three basic tips for creating a uniform Instagram feed.

Tip 1:

Find a photography or design aesthetic that fits your branding and tells your story well. Then, stick to it! This does not mean that everything you post needs to look the same, because it shouldn’t. Your content should differ, but have similar colors, lighting, and props so that it flows with the rest of your images.

Tip 2:

Establish a voice for your captions and posts. The way in which you say things and what you say is important to your followers. If you are a lighthearted business, using an analytical and technical voice might scare off your followers. Instead, your voice should fit your brand and what you do. In addition, be genuine with what you say. Authenticity shows!

Tip 3:

Create your own version of a “style guide” by choosing fonts, colors, and visual elements that correspond to your brand and use them consistently. By using similar styles in these elements, your viewers will subconsciously recognize your company’s brand.

Your social media showcases who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Followers will want to stay involved with your account when you consistently produce content that they can expect to be captivating.

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