How to Make Email Marketing Worth It

How to Make Email Marketing Worth It

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By, Jessie Philips, Marketing Director

Sending regular emails to your newsletter contacts is about more than just checking it off your to-do list. You might feel great that after carefully crafting the perfect email, you hit send and your message is delivered to a HUGE audience. But what if only 1 reader actually opens the email? Or only a handful clicked on the link you wanted them too? Then you’re patting yourself on the back for sending content no one saw or engaged with.

Here are a few tips from us to step up your email marketing game.

Don’t Overthink Your Subject Line. But Don’t Underestimate It.

Google the topic of email subject lines and you’ll find thousands upon thousands of recommendations of the best words to use, the best subject lines with the most opens of ALL TIME! Don’t get lost in this chatter. The important thing to remember is show some personality in your subject line and don’t be afraid to EXPERIMENT. Every list is made up of different demographics looking for different types of content to engage with. What works for a coffee shop isn’t necessarily going to work for a women’s clothing boutique.

In most cases I find that simple beats clever. Show some personality in your subject line, but don’t try to be discovered for your comedic skills either. Don’t give so much information away that they don’t need to open the email, but don’t make it so generic that they don’t want to.

Keep It Short. Keep It Interesting.

Let’s face it; people can barely sit still long enough to watch a Boomerang video these days. Don’t drown your fans in too much information. Keep it short and to the point. Have an in-store event and want people to come? Just say that! Call out the most important details like date, time and cost in bold and describe the event in 4 sentences or less. If there’s ticket for purchase or a further action they need to take, then, well… read our next tip.

Make It Easy to Click Through

Sounds obvious I know, but really. You have a very short window in which people will scan the info in your email and choose to take an action or not.

Make it easy for them to take the action. Instead of one word being a link, insert a large colorful button that spans from edge to edge in your email. If you can’t make a button, at least make sure your link spans over more than one word.

So this:

For tickets CLICK HERE.

Instead of this:

For tickets click here.



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