Meet the Muses

Meet the Muses

Are you trying to find a way to reach a new audience, grow your brand, or just gain some new ideas? Want to know the solution? Throw a PARTY!

This is not a joke.When you plan, sponsor and pull offa really great event you’ll be seen as a leader and specialist in your community. Which in-turn helps you reach a new audience, grow your brand, and well, you just might gain some new ideas too!

Check out some tips on how to throw a successful gathering:

  1. Make sure your food and drinks are on point.What’s an event without some great food and drink? You want people to help themselves to wine, beer, and delicious bites all while mixing and mingling. Remember, people are there to meet and greet and find new business contacts, not to eat all your food. So keep the refreshments light and easy to eat (a good rule of thumb is: nothing that requires a fork or sticks in your teeth).


  1. Meet everyone.Make sure you introduce yourself to every person who walks through your door. Welcome them, and focus on talking about what they do, not what you do. Be a great listener, and take a genuine interest in them and their business. They’ll remember you for it.


  1. Be a “middleman.”As you meet and greet, constantly look for opportunities to connect people who would benefit from meeting each other. Keep track of these connections, and follow up next time you see them. Find out if they benefited from the introduction.


  1. Follow up. Follow up with your attendees. Ask how they liked the event, and get ideas from them about how it could have been better.


And here’s a shameless plug for our upcoming event: Meet The Muses on Thursday, June 28that 5:30pm. At our gathering we want to not only introduce you to the agency, but cheers the clients that make our work worth it.

Are you a small business owner in the Reno Tahoe area? Want to talk shop and learn about how a marketing agency can help you? We’re hosting an open house at our place during the Midtown Art WalkCome MUSE with us!


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