Planning Your Next Event with a PR Twist

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Written by: Claire Santamaria, Public Relations Assistant

In Public Relations, two essential components are how you network and how you convey your message. Event planning is similar in that it is always helpful to know the right people or make new connections that will help spread your reach. Make sure to follow these tips when planning an event and you’ll knock it out of the park like a champ!

  1. Find a Date

Collaborate with your team or client to decide on a set of dates that would work for having the event. This is the first step to see when everyone would be available. Make sure the final date you select does not conflict with other competing events in the area!

  1. Pick A Location

Once you have the dates picked out, you can work on finding a location or venue. If the event will be at the business site, then that makes this step a whole lot easier, and is a great way to showcase the business to all of your guests. If not, then you will want to pick a location that is accessible to your target audience and captures the theme or vibe you are aiming for.

  1. Establish A Goal

Decide what the goal of the event is going to be. There can be more than one goal, but just make sure you’re clear on what those measurables will be. These goals will help drive the planning process. And help you determine whether or not the event was a success.

  1. Reach Out

Remember when we were talking about networking and making connections? Use those resources! Contact local media outlets to share the event details with them so that they are in the loop. You can send a press release letting them know who is hosting the event, where the event is going to be, and the reason or goal behind the event. Maybe your event is benefitting a local charity or organization. Be sure to tell the news!

  1. Let It Happen

Once you have taken the steps towards planning your event, it is time to let it happen. The day of the event, try not to over-complicate anything or stress over minor details. You have worked out the logistics and now are there to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as possible. Unexpected things happen, it’s the nature of the game. Be prepared to shift and pivot with unforeseen or unexpected changes as they come up.

Ready to get started? With these tips, you are on your way to planning a successful, exciting event. Use your resources and planning skills to make the process go as smoothly as possible. And most importantly, have some fun with it!

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