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 Photography’s Role in Creating Cohesive Branding

Creating a brand is more than just designing a logo. It also includes the colors you use, how you speak to your audience, your audience, and of course, brand photography. The key to creating an excellent brand is consistency from your logo and website to social media and packaging. At the end of the day, you’ve already spent countless hours poring over the details of “who you are” as a brand, so why let bad photography misrepresent your company?

So, what is brand photography?

Brand photography is a collection of professional images that serve as your visual identity online. From staff headshots and web photos to product photography and social media images, these pictures are essential to your brand. A professional photographer will refer to your brand identity including colors, textures, props, and more to create a set of images that represent your company in a unique, creative way. Ideally, when someone sees these images, they’ll know it’s your company right off the bat!

Why is brand photography so important?

Photography is the first impression that your customers get of your brand, so it’s important to make it a good one! Want to know why photography is essential for a successful, cohesive brand strategy? Here are just a few reasons!

  1. Creates Consistency for your Brand

It’s not enough to just slap your logo over anything and everything. Photography helps spark emotions, so the style of your photography can help represent your products in a way that is consistent with your brand identity. For example, the brand Vizzy Hard Seltzer uses bright, bold colors in their photos and packaging to show that they are a fun, unique company that appeals to a younger crowd.

Using the same colors, backgrounds, and props in your photography creates consistency for your brand, leading to higher engagement. Even better, when your customers know what to expect from your business, it increases trust and brand loyalty.

  • Helps your Brand Stand Out from the Crowd

In a sea of social media posts, websites, and images, your products need to stand out. Low-quality, boring, and played out imagery will get a quick scroll compared to eye-catching content. And, considering many social media users don’t even read captions, your photos need to be able to speak for themselves!

  • Adds Perceived Value to your Products and Services

Photography can add or take away perceived value from your products and services. Think about the last time you considered buying a product from a website or social media. Was it a beautiful image that made you want to buy the product? Or was it a poor-quality photo that stopped you from trying it in the first place? Regardless of the quality of the product itself, a bad photo can prevent customers from exploring your product further. Showcasing your products in a good light can help create trust, increase desire for your product, and is a great way to broadcast your message across a large variety of platforms.

Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to step up your brand photography, the Muses are happy to help you create standout content! We will work with your team to create a mood board that reflects your brand’s personality, goals, and identity. Then, we’ll get to work on photographing beautiful images that your customers will love. Just get in touch with us to learn more about our brand photography services!