The Impact of Local Partnerships and Social Media Influencers

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 10.29.52 AMDepending on the size of your agency, company or department, you are able to create considerable budgets, packages, or partnerships with these influencers. If you’re on the smaller side, you just have to be a little more strategic than the next gal. We can’t all be the Ritz Carlton’s of the world and that’s perfectly okay.

To begin we must ask, what do these influencers want? My answer to that is, brand awareness! They are ultimately building their personal brand while consecutively promoting yours. Collaboration is key. While some influencers are looking for monetary gain, many are all about the causes and brands their supporting. A simple partnership is a great start. You scratch my back, I scratch yours.

For example, a client of ours was looking to spice up an event at their Midtown Reno clothing boutique and wanted to reach beyond their usual customer base. It’s important to do all the normal stuff to make an event successful; so we provided designed promotional materials, social ads, email marketing and media pitching. But we also needed to add something unique to broaden the event’s reach. How about partnering with another local business that has a similar audience and could bring in some of the girls we’ve been missing?

We reached out to Lokal Salon, a new midtown hot spot that boasts some of the best hair stylists in town including co-owner and Free People collaborator, Lindsey Pengelly. In the world of fashion and hair in the #BiggestLittleCity, Lokal and its stylists are the cream of the crop and everyone knows the name Pengelly.

SB-Styled By Midtown Teaser1We created a styling event where the businesses could work together to benefit both brands. By co-promoting the event via social and organic word of mouth we were able to reach a larger audience and host a more successful event. We created a buzz by using community and local flare instead of dollars and while the dollars are still important, the partnership created was much more valuable. Whether you’re looking for someone to be the new face of your brand or just desire more engagement, look to your community. These people and businesses are out there living and working to create something just as much as you. Get out there and reach out. You’ll be surprised at who or what you find.

AND if you can’t, hire us.

Until next time,

Brooke Haberstroh