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Creating a Successful Brand on Instagram  

By Sarah Thrall, Social Media Assistant   

In today’s world of online connections, it is no secret that social media is at the core of marketing and advertising values. Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Snapchat, social media platforms work as tools to draw clients in. But what makes them stay?  

For Instagram in particular, aesthetic plays a big role in a successful page. Creating a loyal following is so much more than just getting your business information out there; a lack of aesthetic creates a disconnect between followers and the intended branding of your page. Below are 4 essential tips to creating a successful Instagram aesthetic for your brand’s page: 


Using similar filters across all photos creates a cohesive look on your page. Sticking to a certain “mood” or “style”, while maintaining the same color scheme or lighting effect within the photos creates an organized and visually appealing Instagram feed. 

TIP: Lighting has a huge impact on how your photos turn out. Always try to take your pictures in natural light. Try not to over edit your photos and use so many filters that the image is unrecognizable.  


Posting once a month isn’t going to successfully grow your brand. Posting weekly and keeping posts consistent with the direction of your brand keeps followers engaged and is key to maintaining a steady and ever-increasing following. 


Quality over Quantity. Don’t just post something to say that you posted. Quality matters. Make sure that every post you publish is your best work, gives value to your audience, engages your followers, and fits in with your feed and aesthetic as a whole. 

 Plan Ahead 

A good aesthetic takes time to plan. Make an effort to sit down and plan what direction your feed is going in. TIP: Use an online scheduler that will allow you to see the layout of your feed, that way you are always ahead of the game when it comes to your social marketing. Buffer is a great app that allows you to do this straight from your phone.  

Now get to posting and if you need help feel free to reach out to Muse Group. We’re here for you! #musewithus

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