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4 Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Social Campaigns

  1. Stop Motion / Time-Lapse

A stop motion movie is a fun and simplistic way to inform your audience on an upcoming event or social holiday. Whether it’s your monthly wine tasting or #nationalcoffeeday, these videos are easy to execute and highly engaging. They should generally be kept under 20 seconds to hold your audience’s attention, and keep it entertaining. In addition, they provide some variety to your content.

If you’re not tuned in to how to produce a stop motion movie, you can view this quick tutorial here. Check out these stop motion videos below from Wild Garlic Pizza & Pub and Coffeebar’s National Coffee Day.

2. Boomerang

You’ve likely heard of the Instagram launched app Boomerang, that takes short one second videos and runs them through a loop forward to backward. When you tap the interface button you’ll see a series of flashes that will result in a 4-second looping video. The minimalist app has a few other features that will allow you to change the settings of how you’d like your boomerang to look. Boomerangs are a creative way to demo a new product, highlight an action and give life to your brand. The app allows you break up redundant content that you may be struggling with when executing a long-term campaign.


Mellow Fellow Gastropub – Cheers to the weekend!

3. Go Live

Live video is a new feature on Facebook that allows you to post in real time to your newsfeed. Going live is a great way to grab a new audience or the attention of followers you may have not reached in a while. Facebook helps gather this audience for you before you are set to go live. I find it best to provide your audience with teaser posts throughout your campaign to notify them of when you plan to go live. This gives them a heads up to tune in and comment on what’s happening. Events are a great example of when to use this live feature. Show your audience what’s going on if they can’t be there or entice them to show up!


BFF Café One Year Anniversary Party

4. How-To/Demonstration

How-to videos are short and interactive clips that keep your audience engaged with your campaigns. By offering fun and simple ways to complete a recipe, pour a latte, or accomplish a workout, you keep them involved and provide an outlet to ask questions and share the content with their friends and family. This type of video can be positioned for information or purely for amusement.


Coffeebar Before Dinner series with an Italian-style Bellini

With these four video tactics your social campaigns will provide fun, informative and quality content that your audience will react to and engage with.

Until next time,

Brooke Haberstroh

Social Media Coordinator